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  • Kitchen renovation visualization

    Kitchen renovation visualization

    3D Visualization is a great tool for many types of projects, big and small. This kitchen renovation was still in the conceptual phase so I took the existing measurements and the concept layout, along with some reference images from the client, to render the proposed space. The series of renders I produced helped the client […]

  • Rendering projects from 2022, part 2

    Rendering projects from 2022, part 2

    While the majority of my work this past year was residential, I also had a nice variety of commercial and multi-family apartment projects that I’ve rendered. The images I prepare for builders, real estate agents and architects are typically used for marketing and/ or to help development teams visualize their project. Often the images begin […]

  • Rendering projects from 2022, part 1

    Rendering projects from 2022, part 1

    It’s been another great year at Orban Design. Many thanks to my clients for providing me with some great projects to render. First up are a collection of residential renderings. Many of these are projects that I’ve rendered for other architects to help their clients make design decisions on things like massing, exterior materials, and […]

  • Rendering versus reality – finished construction comparison.

    Rendering versus reality – finished construction comparison.

    I recently received some pictures from the builder of a completed house for which I had prepared renderings. The renderings were very useful in testing out material combinations and adjusting the massing of the design. Take a look at how close the renderings match the finished product!

  • year in review – 2021

    year in review – 2021

    Despite the pandemic, the pace of construction and design seems to continue unabated, thankfully one of the bright spots of the economy. As folks are using their homes much more, I have also found an increase in the number of inquiries for design services for renovations and new construction. My proportion of work between 3D […]