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With very little additional time and effort, a 3D model can be transformed from a flat, technical type of image into something realistic looking. I took the basic sketchup model and with some quick tweaking – adding lighting and material reflection – I was able to acheive much more realism.

updated interior rendering

Sometimes I go back to old renderings and see what I can do to make them better. It’s common with deadline and budget constraints that I can’t do everything I had in mind to do with a rendering, so it’s nice to review a project at my leisure and see what I can do for “next time.” With this rendering, I was fairly pleased with the lighting and the model, but I wasn’t totally happy with the view, some of the materials, and the render quality.

I tweaked all of  those for this revised image. The white splotches on the ceiling near the door are gone, the furnishings are more visible, and the lampshade is more translucent:

Photoshop image manipulation

I’ve had the opportunity recently to put my Photoshop skills to use on a few small projects. Here are two before and after images, one showing adjustments to an interior marketing photograph, and the other showing a simple brick proposed addition.

interior photo with strong highlights on ceiling and floor

interior photo with ceiling highlights reduced, and floor adjusted to reduce glare

And here is the exterior image, showing the simple brick expansion and matching roofline.

existing condition

image showing the proposed addition