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California Dreaming…

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray…

Great time to work on a few “island” projects and dream about the tropics. Here are two recent projects, one is an exterior renovation of a condominium building on St. Maartens, and the other is a model for a speculative house in Florida.

The building is made up of twelve condominium “villas” with a shingled mansard over the second story. The owners want to renovate this by changing the second story siding to stucco and adding a low roof. I’ve worked out a number of design options, and they’ve picked a low hip roof version with a decorative eave. Here are before and after views

The other project is a 3D model for a speculative residence. A nice elaborate 3 story house with Mediterranean inspired styling.

Branding study for restaurant bar

This project is a continuing one I’ve been working on over various iterations. I posted some images a few months back with an outdoor bar that was to be rebranded with the Stoli vodka imagery. I am now working on a new location and have focused more on the lighting aspect of the project. Here is the current state of the restaurant bar:

The concept for the branding is to put a series of backlit glass shelves along the top of the back and side wall and have a focal point in the existing product display casework that looks like this:

I then took the two concepts to generate this set of images. I also played with depth of field and did some post-processing to give a glowing effect to the gold logo and the backlit bottles.