coming not so soon…

One of the things I’ve been working on in my spare time has been designing a kitchen addition to my house. I thought I’d post on this since I have a few projects cued up but can’t post images yet.

This is something my wife and I have been discussing pretty much since we bought our house. Our kitchen currently is 8ft by 12ft and there is just not enough counter space, …really! We’ve gone through a whole variety of iterations on the kitchen design, but the latest round of design has been to get something drawn up that could be built for a reasonable budget. It’s a great time to build, so it would be great to get something going soon.

The kitchen addition is planned at 12ft by 17ft, and the gable above it gives us enough space for an extra bedroom upstairs.  The design is dictated by the footprint and the height of the existing house. One thing I am considering now that I didn’t need to before is that the city just enacted a new historic district review over our neighborhood. Now any new plans will have to be approved by the BAR (Board of Architectural Review.)  This is adding another level of restraint to our planning, since my wife already nixed the more modern options I had in mind!

Here is a view from the back looking at the current design of the addition.