schematic design studies

The following images are of a schematic massing study I recently completed. The buildings are two duplexes for which I was tasked with taking the 2D drawings and creating first a massing model and then a simple street scene.

Below is the first image I prepared. This is the massing study without color, prepared to enable an understanding of the design in 3 dimensions.

buildings massing study

This is the final image. Here I have added some color selections from the designer and placed street trees and a few scale people.

duplex image - color study

photomatch, massing study

Here is a quick project I just completed this week. The task was to do a quick massing model and photo matched montage for a renovation to this school entrance. The following photo and the CAD plans were what I had to work with.

From here, I created a quick massing model, and matched up the view in Sketchup to create this photomatch image:

Here is an overhead view of the massing model. This was used by the architect to show the school committee in a live presentation how the new entrance design would look in 3D

dining room interior

There have been a number of additional features in the rendering software I use, and I had a chance to try out some of the new features for this interior I am working on. One feature is translucent materials, where light can filter through a material. This is actually rather complicated to control, but with a thin material setting, it has gotten a lot easier to do. The lamp shades and the curtains in this scene are made with this thin material setting.

The other feature is improvements to the way that sky lighting is handled. There is greater control over the sun and sky settings, so I can adjust things like the soft shadows for the sun, and change the relative brightness of the background lighting. This way, I can dim the outside brightness in a way that the interior lighting will still be bright enough, while capturing the feel of the relative contrast of interior and exterior.

competition entry

I had the pleasure of working with Stoneking/ von Storch Architects on a competition entry for a small museum/ library building. My role in helping with the competition was to create a computer model of the building and site, and to prepare images for use in the presentation material.  Here are two of the images I prepared for the presentation booklet.