Georgetown mansion interior and exterior renderings

There was one big commission that ended up taking me most of the month of November to complete, and I (and the client and architect) are quite pleased with the results. The client is working on redeveloping an incomplete house renovation, and needed to have some high quality images to present at an open house […]

Interior computer renderings

I’ve recently worked on several different projects that called for interior renderings. Here are three renderings, of very different interiors, all done in the last couple of weeks. The first set of images is of a kitchen and dining room renovation here in Charlottesville. The following images are of a high rise condo building that […]

April 2012 project images

I have quite a few new images to share, and I will have more coming as soon as they are public. I’ll have some videos as well to add to my website soon. I can’t wait to post those. I’ve been working on finalizing illustrations for a coffee shop concept. (You can see a couple […]

Illustration and Rendering projects, February 2012

It’s been a whirlwind month. New baby at home, many projects coming through the pipeline. No more sleep! Here are a few images of some projects. I’ll have a few more to post once they are public. Rendering of a new apartment building slated for a prime spot in Georgetown. Some 3D modeling for a […]