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  • Kitchen renovation visualization

    Kitchen renovation visualization

    3D Visualization is a great tool for many types of projects, big and small. This kitchen renovation was still in the conceptual phase so I took the existing measurements and the concept layout, along with some reference images from the client, to render the proposed space. The series of renders I produced helped the client […]

  • Summer 2016

    Summer 2016

    Between projects and vacations, I’ve had some time to get up to speed with the latest version of the V-ray rendering software and the Blender 3D modeling program. This pair of images are from a model I used both to produce images for a project, and as a way to test some of the neat […]

  • Urban Chicken Loft

    Urban Chicken Loft

    I’ve been working on a fun side-project in my spare time recently. I’ve been tasked by a certain task-master (read: wife) to get a chicken coop designed pronto. While I would also have fun building it, using a contractor neighbor whom I’ve worked with before made the most sense. I had already worked out a […]

  • New renderings, I ♡ modern architecture

    New renderings, I ♡ modern architecture

    I enjoy all my rendering projects but I especially enjoy working on modern and contemporary designs. The materials and the compositions just lend themselves well to computer generated imagery. Here are a few images from projects completed recently.

  • End of the year wrap-up, various renders

    It’s been a great 2013, and I am looking forward to an awesome new year! Here are a few projects from the last couple months of the year to round out this years’ posts. Again, I have a coffee shop project (see this other one for comparison.) I like how this one came out after […]