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  • Kitchen renovation visualization

    Kitchen renovation visualization

    3D Visualization is a great tool for many types of projects, big and small. This kitchen renovation was still in the conceptual phase so I took the existing measurements and the concept layout, along with some reference images from the client, to render the proposed space. The series of renders I produced helped the client […]

  • Visualization examples

    Visualization examples

    Seeing something before it is built is one of the most powerful aspects of architectural visualization. Having the ability to compare a photo of an existing building or site and then seeing the same view with the proposed project inserted as a photo montage can be incredibly useful to both client and designer. Additionally, being […]

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    A fair number of my projects involve renovations or alterations to existing structures. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the proposed change to a building is by taking a photograph of the existing condition of the building and its environment and manipulate the photo or matching the view with a 3D model to […]

  • What does it look like built?

    It’s always great to see when a design gets built, and I can then see how the rendering compares to the photograph of the same view. The health club penthouse project I worked on two years ago has now been completed. Here are a couple of before and after comparisons showing how the close the […]

  • photomatch, massing study

    Here is a quick project I just completed this week. The task was to do a quick massing model and photo matched montage for a renovation to this school entrance. The following photo and the CAD plans were what I had to work with. From here, I created a quick massing model, and matched up […]