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  • Welcome 2019!

    Welcome 2019!

    It’s been a busy start to 2019, and it’s been a while since we’ve published a new post. One big project has been a series of walkthroughs for a new apartment building in Washington, DC. The videos are still on progress, but you can see them here on our vimeo page:https://vimeo.com/album/5821784 The following are some […]

  • Visualization examples

    Visualization examples

    Seeing something before it is built is one of the most powerful aspects of architectural visualization. Having the ability to compare a photo of an existing building or site and then seeing the same view with the proposed project inserted as a photo montage can be incredibly useful to both client and designer. Additionally, being […]

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    A fair number of my projects involve renovations or alterations to existing structures. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the proposed change to a building is by taking a photograph of the existing condition of the building and its environment and manipulate the photo or matching the view with a 3D model to […]

  • Urban Chicken Loft

    Urban Chicken Loft

    I’ve been working on a fun side-project in my spare time recently. I’ve been tasked by a certain task-master (read: wife) to get a chicken coop designed pronto. While I would also have fun building it, using a contractor neighbor whom I’ve worked with before made the most sense. I had already worked out a […]

  • October rendering projects

    I’ve worked on a number of marketing images this month based on photo montage. I take a set of existing images of the site (as well as getting street view images from Google Earth) and use those along with a 3D model to prepare a new image. The first set of images is for an […]