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  • Interior renderings, photorealistic

    Interior renderings, photorealistic

    Here are a variety of interior renderings I’ve completed recently, mostly done for helping the clients confirm finishes and design. They were all modeled in Sketchup, and rendered with V-ray. I really get a kick out of the wow! factor when a client sees a completed rendering.

  • Shadow Catcher material in the New V-ray for Sketchup 2.0

    **New: Added settings dialogue example for Vray for Sketchup 3.0 beta** One of the materials that’s been sorely lacking in the previous versions of Vray for Sketchup is a “shadow catcher” or matte material that can define a transparent shadow in a scene. This is something very useful when you want to add an environment […]

  • Pièce de résistance

    The culmination of my work on this Georgetown mansion marketing material is a flythrough animation I prepared over the past few weeks. Special thanks to Jeremy at RenderSolve who helped to generate the few thousand frames of the animation on their render farm. This was done in Vray for Blender, using the same model that […]