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Mountain house and studio under construction

The house I designed and for which I prepared construction drawings (shown in a previous post in the first two renderings labeled “mountain house and studio“) has now been permitted and construction has begun! I have been working with the client and contractor to provide additional construction details, including a 3D study of the studio framing to help the builder accurately locate the intersections between the roof, walls, and floor system.

Spring 2023 renderings & marketing images

Here are some of the latest renderings and presentation materials prepared by Orban Design in the beginning of 2023. Two highlights include a rendering of a new house with an amazing mountain view that the owners wanted to capture from a double height interior space. The other highlight is a set of presentation plans for a small senior living development prepared for a public meeting. Additional work includes a few residential design studies of various scales.

rendered kitchen interior

Kitchen renovation visualization

3D Visualization is a great tool for many types of projects, big and small. This kitchen renovation was still in the conceptual phase so I took the existing measurements and the concept layout, along with some reference images from the client, to render the proposed space. The series of renders I produced helped the client refine the kitchen layout. It was difficult for the client to evaluate the layout based solely on the drawings. Once we were able to look at it in 3D we could quickly see where the plans needed to be adjusted. You can observe from the progression of renderings how the kitchen design was refined to the final version.