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Restaurant Interior Rendering

This week I’ve been working on a rendering for a new restaurant in DC. I have finished building the base model in sketchup, along with all the furnishings that go into giving the interior and exterior spaces a certain character. I’ve started now on the illustration portion of the project, where I take the model I’ve made and create a watercolor style rendering of selected views. Here is the first image I’ve drawn.

schematic design studies

The following images are of a schematic massing study I recently completed. The buildings are two duplexes for which I was tasked with taking the 2D drawings and creating first a massing model and then a simple street scene.

Below is the first image I prepared. This is the massing study without color, prepared to enable an understanding of the design in 3 dimensions.

buildings massing study

This is the final image. Here I have added some color selections from the designer and placed street trees and a few scale people.

duplex image - color study

living room interior rendering

Hello March! I have had quite a few projects to keep me busy, and I wanted to post one of the renderings I recently completed. This interior view is a study for how new furniture would look in an existing space. This is a fairly simple room, and I used a combination of furniture I’ve modeled and some decorations that I’ve collected from other sources.

photomatch, massing study

Here is a quick project I just completed this week. The task was to do a quick massing model and photo matched montage for a renovation to this school entrance. The following photo and the CAD plans were what I had to work with.

From here, I created a quick massing model, and matched up the view in Sketchup to create this photomatch image:

Here is an overhead view of the massing model. This was used by the architect to show the school committee in a live presentation how the new entrance design would look in 3D