July – new architectural illustrations and 3D models

Here are some recent projects from the past month or so. I have had two very nice commissions to prepare watercolor style illustrations for a local resort hotel to show their new building projects. One is an addition to their existing fitness club, and the other is a renovation of a pool terrace. The first involved extensive modeling of existing building and site conditions, and then modeling the architecture of the addition to a refined level of detail. The second was a little more free-form, as I was just concentrating on a few new landscape and sitework elements of the new design. I did end up modeling some of the context to give the illustration some greater detail.

I have a few works in progress that are 2D drafting commissions. If they get to 3D model form, I hope to post those here as well.

These last couple of renderings are of some of my recent 3D modeling work. One is a hilltop cabin in the mountains near West Virginia. The second rendering is part of a new town center showing some restaurant and retail building concepts.