October rendering projects

I’ve worked on a number of marketing images this month based on photo montage. I take a set of existing images of the site (as well as getting street view images from Google Earth) and use those along with a 3D model to prepare a new image. The first set of images is for an all new apartment building that is going to replace the store in the existing conditions photo. The new images are both computer generated renderings.

The next set of images is for another apartment building, this one is existing and will have an addition on the side, as well as a penthouse on top. I took the 2D CAD drawings to make a 3D model that I inserted into the photo. Then I tweaked the photo to “clean up” and fill in the landscaping as well as adjusted the trim color and “fixed” some windows.

The final project is for a proposed restaurant. The owner is seeking approval from the historic review board and needed to show the improvements to the existing building. Here are some of the before and after photos.