Georgetown mansion interior and exterior renderings

There was one big commission that ended up taking me most of the month of November to complete, and I (and the client and architect) are quite pleased with the results. The client is working on redeveloping an incomplete house renovation, and needed to have some high quality images to present at an open house early in December. The deadline pushed me to find the best workflow to generate these high resolution images with lots of 3D detail. I ended up using vray for Blender on this project, as I was able to use proxy meshes to add lots of luxury details and still be able to manage the model.

I initially prepared some exterior renderings for the project in October, which were done using vray for Sketchup. I also did all of the modeling in Sketchup and imported the components into Blender. This is a front elevation rendering that I did early on.

builder shop drawings

I had one funny anecdote relayed to me from the open house. A person looking at the images asked why they had torn all that interior work out, and it needed to be explained that these are photo-real renderings, the house never actually looked like this.

Here is a sampling of the final set of images. You can also see the whole gallery and the house marketing website here:

luxury mansion exterior rendering 1

luxury mansion exterior rendering 2

luxury mansion interior rendering 1

luxury mansion interior rendering 2

luxury mansion interior rendering 3

luxury mansion interior rendering 4