Converting drawings to renderings

Here’s a brief behind-the-scenes look at the variety of information that I can start out with when I begin on a project. These are three recent projects for which I prepared renderings, and before each finished rendering, I have included an image of the base information from which I began my work.

This first project is a house rendering for a homeowner who was interested in seeing some color options for their new house under construction. I was given the builder’s hand-drawn elevations and site plan from which to build and render a view of the house.hand drawing of elevation

The next project had a similar requirement of generating a visual for a homeowner to see how the house would look in real life. With this project, I had CAD drawings of the plans, elevations, and site from which to generate the 3D model.


The third project is one where I took an already completed Sketchup model and added lighting and materials to prepare some marketing images of the project for the designer/builder. The first image is a screenshot of the Sketchup model, and the completed render follows.

421MC_model10001 421MC_model2-Scene 3