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  • year in review – 2021

    year in review – 2021

    Despite the pandemic, the pace of construction and design seems to continue unabated, thankfully one of the bright spots of the economy. As folks are using their homes much more, I have also found an increase in the number of inquiries for design services for renovations and new construction. My proportion of work between 3D […]

  • Welcome 2021

    Welcome 2021

    With so much pandemic related and political turmoil, it’s hard to fully attend to business matters. I hope everyone is prioritizing their community and loved ones. Updating my portfolio blog has been quite low on my priority list, but after discovering a recent hack of this site and working with my host to restore it, […]

  • Welcome 2019!

    Welcome 2019!

    It’s been a busy start to 2019, and it’s been a while since we’ve published a new post. One big project has been a series of walkthroughs for a new apartment building in Washington, DC. The videos are still on progress, but you can see them here on our vimeo page:https://vimeo.com/album/5821784 The following are some […]

  • Restaurant interior & apartment Fall 2017

    Restaurant interior & apartment Fall 2017

    I worked with a Stoneking/ von Storch architects on rendering this interior design for a new restaurant in town. We went through several iterations testing finishes and lighting options to refine the initial design. This next project was done for a development company that is marketing a residential building on the waterfront in Southeast DC. […]

  • Interior renderings for pre-sale marketing

    The following set of images are for showing the finishes and design of typical condo units in a building that is currently nearing completion. The design was worked on and revised over the span of many months as the finishes and fixture selections were finalized (you can see earlier iterations of the design here)