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Summer 2016

Between projects and vacations, I’ve had some time to get up to speed with the latest version of the V-ray rendering software and the Blender 3D modeling program. This pair of images are from a model I used both to produce images for a project, and as a way to test some of the neat new features of the software, Chief among them is a much faster rendering engine that cut my computer processing time by almost ten-fold!

bunk room render version 1

bunk room render version 2

This next pair was also rendered in Vray for Blender, used for an exterior scene.

pool bar rendering open

pool bar rendering closed

These are some other marketing images I prepared recently. One is for new residential construction, and the other one is a facade renovation for a familiar local Charlottesville retail location.




March renderings and new software

Yet another busy month at Orban Design! In addition to the regular batch of new renderings, models, and drafting work, I’ve delved into a new software program with which I hope to improve my capabilities. I decided to take the plunge with the open source Blender 3D software. The main impetus is in expanding my ability to generate animations outside of the many limitations I keep running into with Sketchup. I also found that my preferred rendering software – vray – is available as an add-on to Blender, making the transition to doing renderings that much easier. Here is a test scene that I played with, taking a photograph and attempting to model it as true to life as possible.


And on to my current crop of renderings. The first is a concept for a coffee shop. The second is a pair of row houses to be built.