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Welcome 2019!

It’s been a busy start to 2019, and it’s been a while since we’ve published a new post. One big project has been a series of walkthroughs for a new apartment building in Washington, DC. The videos are still on progress, but you can see them here on our vimeo page:

The following are some recent work. We’ve had a good mix of project types and rendering styles, including a variety of restaurant retail, residential, multi-family residential, and commercial.

Visualization examples

Seeing something before it is built is one of the most powerful aspects of architectural visualization. Having the ability to compare a photo of an existing building or site and then seeing the same view with the proposed project inserted as a photo montage can be incredibly useful to both client and designer. Additionally, being able to generate variations in the proposed design gives the user the tools to assess the way to move forward with the design in a way that other forms of drawing can’t match. Modest as these projects are, you can see how the tool of architectural visualization can help give form to ideas in an effective and engaging way.







Before and After

A fair number of my projects involve renovations or alterations to existing structures. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the proposed change to a building is by taking a photograph of the existing condition of the building and its environment and manipulate the photo or matching the view with a 3D model to show that same view with the new design in place. The following are some of these “before and after” photo montages.


DSC09446 DSC09446-new

515 COA Right 515_render02-1

Urban Chicken Loft

I’ve been working on a fun side-project in my spare time recently. I’ve been tasked by a certain task-master (read: wife) to get a chicken coop designed pronto. While I would also have fun building it, using a contractor neighbor whom I’ve worked with before made the most sense. I had already worked out a basic Sketchup model of the coop, but to get it in the contractor’s hand, I ended up putting a basic working drawing set together as well. And since I can’t resist doing more rendering, I went ahead and generated some photo-montages of how the coop will appear in the backyard. I found lots of useful examples, stories, and basic information from the http://www.backyardchickens.com/ website.

The coop is now finished, with new residents! See below for pics.

Here is the Sketchup model of the coop.andys-coop3_2 andys-coop3_1

Here is a photo of where the coop is going to go in the backyard.SONY DSC

Here is a rendering of the coop montaged into the photo.SONY DSC

And here is the completed coop.2014_08_10-finished-coop

One more.2014_0809-chickens_06

October rendering projects

I’ve worked on a number of marketing images this month based on photo montage. I take a set of existing images of the site (as well as getting street view images from Google Earth) and use those along with a 3D model to prepare a new image. The first set of images is for an all new apartment building that is going to replace the store in the existing conditions photo. The new images are both computer generated renderings.

The next set of images is for another apartment building, this one is existing and will have an addition on the side, as well as a penthouse on top. I took the 2D CAD drawings to make a 3D model that I inserted into the photo. Then I tweaked the photo to “clean up” and fill in the landscaping as well as adjusted the trim color and “fixed” some windows.

The final project is for a proposed restaurant. The owner is seeking approval from the historic review board and needed to show the improvements to the existing building. Here are some of the before and after photos.