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  • Rendering versus reality – finished construction comparison.

    Rendering versus reality – finished construction comparison.

    I recently received some pictures from the builder of a completed house for which I had prepared renderings. The renderings were very useful in testing out material combinations and adjusting the massing of the design. Take a look at how close the renderings match the finished product!

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    A fair number of my projects involve renovations or alterations to existing structures. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the proposed change to a building is by taking a photograph of the existing condition of the building and its environment and manipulate the photo or matching the view with a 3D model to […]

  • from concept to reality

    The most powerful testament for the use of 3D renderings is to see a finished space that was conceived and designed in 3D. Here is the final rendering of this kitchen addition (I had featured it previously here and here.) The computer model was used throughout the design to test various cabinet configurations and material […]