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Digital Watercolor for marketing images

Sometimes there is a need for a softer look than what a photorealistic rendering can provide. Using digital watercolor (a watercolor image that is made on the computer instead of with paint on paper), I can provide a much looser look to engage an audience without the crisp detail that is a hallmark of computer rendering. Here is a sampling of a few of my recent projects, interior, exterior, and neighborhood scale to show the style of illustration that can be achieved with digital watercolor.orban_design-watercolor-digital06 orban_design-watercolor-digital04orban_design-watercolor-digital05 orban_design-watercolor-digital02 orban_design-watercolor-digital01

May 2014 updates

Here are some of my latest images from the past month. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some more contemporary interiors again, continuing on the modern themes from my last entry. The following project is a 2 story flat in an urban historic warehouse district, so the architecture reflects a more industrial feel. It also has lots of windows, so I wanted to show the feel of the natural light that would be flooding the apartment unit.


The next two images are watercolor style renderings, one a lobby renovation of an institutional building, and the other is a marketing image for a country club expansion and renovation.


These Places to live are at the opposite ends of the spectrum

It was fun to have both of these projects in process during this month. These two projects couldn’t be much more different. The first project is a single family residential that is on a heavily wooded lot. It’s a traditionally styled house with wood and stucco. The rendering is in a watercolor illustration style and was prepared for presentation to an architectural review board.

watercolor residential woods

The second project is a contemporary/ modern styled 6 story mixed-use apartment building on the H street corridor in Washington, DC. This rendering was completed for their marketing website and the idea was to do a photo realistic render to give it a sense of liveliness and urban context.

watercolor residential woods